American Shared Hospital Services: Can A Gamma Knife Generate Alpha?

American Shared Hospital Services (AMS) provides radiosurgery and radiation therapy equipment to 23 medical centers in seventeen states as well as Turkey, Peru and Brazil. The company owns an 81% interest in GK Financing, LLC which finances this equipment for these medical centers. The remaining 19% interest is held indirectly by Elekta AG, the Swedish manufacturer of the equipment, known as the Gamma Knife. Unfortunately, despite this relationship, AMS does not have exclusivity in any region on the Gamma Knife and has lost financing contracts in the past to third party financing companies as well as to Elektra itself.
When a medical facility wants a Gamma Knife, AMS (via GK Financing) pays for the equipment and ongoing maintenance costs and the medical facility pays for the renovations and installation costs. AMS then earns either a flat fee per use (approximately $7,500 - $9,500) of the machine or shares revenue with the medical facility.

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