Gamma Knife Surgery for Tumor Treatment

An experienced guide in medical tourism, understands your need in finding medical services that are affordable and excellen
Press Release : Nov 17, 2009 – Manila, Philippines – – An experienced guide in medical tourism, understands your need in finding medical services that are affordable and excellent. For patients who suspect that they have a brain tumor and want it to be treated, Wellness and Health Services Asia Inc. (WAHSA) can help you search medical facilities that have gamma knife surgery.

The gamma knife, known to be used in treating brain tumors, has been proven to be safe because of the very small risk involved in gamma knife radio surgery treatment. The device uses a high dose of radiation therapy to treat the brain tumor. The gamma knife device contains a 201 cobalt-60 source that is placed in a circular array in a heavily shielded assembly. Each 201 cobalt-60 source contains approximately 30 curies. The device focuses the gamma radiation at a target point in the patient’s brain.

The patient wears a specialized helmet that is fixed to the patient’s skull through surgery. After the patient wears the helmet, multiple beams of gamma radiation is sent to the brain tumor in one treatment session. The gamma knife center uses computerized data from imaging tests like CT scans, MRI’s or arteriogram to pick the targeted area within the brain.

The gamma knife radio surgery treatment uses high doses of gamma radiation to kill cancer cells and shrink tumors. It is able to precisely focus multiple beams of high-intensity gamma radiation to the targeted area in order to avoid damaging healthy brain tissue. Each individual beam of gamma radiation has relatively low energy so it has no significant effect on intervening brain tissue. Only the targeted area is affected by the gamma radiation.

The procedure has been proven to be effective since more than 200,000 patients have already undergone the procedure worldwide. The procedure is non-invasive and it has negligible risk of infection or hemorrhage. Aside from treating brain tumors, the procedure has also been proven to be effective for treating vascular malfunctions such as arteriovenous malformation (AVM) and other functional problems.

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