Trigeminal Neuralgia Gamma Knife Surgery

by James Dalton

Trigmenial Neuralgia is an incapacitating disease that can push persons to commit suicide due to the grave pain that they feel. To help relieve the pain various treatments are available. Gamma knife as a treatment for Trigmenial Neuralgia will be the highlight of this article. The article will aim to find out how successful the treatment is for this condition.

Being in the same field as neurosurgery; Gamma knife is a method of non-invasive surgery No incisions need to be made when going for treatment. One benefit of doing this kind of surgery is that it complications are reduced that usually occur when people do traditional surgery. Even though it is called a knife, the Gamma Knife is not one. It is a very complex machine that uses energy to focus gamma beams onto the affected sector of the brain. It is during the treatment 201 beams of gamma radiation are blasted into the brain. There are around 201 gamma beams that are used in the treatment. Only the affected region is affected by this treatment, surrounding tissues are not damaged.

For many decades, the Gamma knife has be used as an efficient treatment of Trigeminal Neuralgia. Great success has been had from this type of surgery, especially as technology has advanced. The first use of the Gamma Knife on Trigeminal Neuralgia was in 1951. The trigeminal ganglion is the main target of this radio surgery. The results over four decades were not highly successful. With the introduction of new technology such as high resolution imaging, the success rate increased. They were able to target the affected area much more easily.

Patients whousually have Gamma Knife surgery done on Trigmenial Neuralgia usually have andrastic reduction in their pain. Even though they experience relief, the effects are not immediately gone. This will decrease over the weeks. Studies have shown that people who have Gamma Knife Surgery done have experienced a significant reduction in the pain they feel. Reduction of pain for people who have the treatment is a high as 90%, with them experience pain relief a month after the surgery. The study that was conducted that numbness of the face was one of the side effects, that was experienced by 1/3 of the patients. That same study showed that patients included in that number showed considerable improvements despite the numbness they experienced.

The effective and safe treatment of the condition, trigeminal neuralgia, can be attributed to the use of Gamma Knife surgery. Complications with this type of surgery are minimized, as well as the success rate.

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