Concerned husband - Lamictal side effects?

Hello Everyone. I'm new to this board after finding it through a google search. I've been reading through many posts but each addresses some part of the issue, so I thought I'd just ask my question and hope somebody out there might have some answers or at least some suggestions.

For background, my wife experienced a grand mal seizure just under 10 years ago which led to the detection of an AVM (artereovenous malformation) in the left parietal lobe of her brain. She had no seizure activity prior to this one, and it was brought on by over-exertion (she was training for a half marathon). Post-seizure, she was put on Dilantin (caused massive mood swings) and then switch to Nuerontin. She weaned herself off Neurontin as she felt "completely numb" when taking it, and her AVM was considered inoperable because of where it was in her brain.

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