Advanced Treatment of Brain Disorders

Brain disorders are some of the most difficult medical disorders to treat. Nike Air Force 1 Shoes Because of the delicate nature of things like brain tumors and other intracranial disorders, invasive surgery procedures that attempt to rectify them are often very dangerous and not always one hundred percent successful. In recent decades, highly effective alternatives to invasive surgery have been developed, the most advanced of which is gamma knife radiosurgery. Today, many of this country’s brain tumor clinics are employing gamma knife technology to treat brain disorders.

The gamma knife was invented in 1967, by the Swedish neurologist Lars Leksell. Since then, it has been much improved by the addition of modern computer technology. Gamma knife treatments use computerized treatment planning software that makes it possible for doctors to locate and irradiate small tumors and areas of disorder in the brain with incredible accuracy. About 200 beams of highly focused radiation are shot to the target area during gamma knife treatments. The precision of the gamma knife device is so exact that surrounding tissue is left undamaged.

How the Gamma Knife Works
The gamma knife employs a method called stereotactic radiosurgery, in which a target area is simultaneously and three-dimensionally treated with 200 beams of radiation

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