AIIMS gets new gamma knife after 14 years

Keeping up with advancements in technology, the All-India Institute of Medical Sciences here has replaced its existing gamma knife with the new gamma knife perfexion for treatment of brain disorders.

“The Rs. 28 crore machine is already in use and has increased the department's capacity to treat patients. It has replaced the department's 14-year-old gamma knife. The gamma knife technique is consistently regarded as the best non-invasive treatment for brain disorders,” said AIIMS Head of the Neurosurgery Department Dr. A.K. Mahapatra.

“The Neurosurgery Department has treated 51 patients with the new gamma knife perfexion machine in only six weeks since it was installed in June. The first gamma knife Model B machine was installed at the Institute in April 1997,” he added. Gamma knife treatment involves delivering a single, high dose of radiation to a small and critically located target in the brain. It is a fully automated, push-button approach to operations that translates into dramatic savings in time. Perfexion, the latest state-of-the-art machine to perform this surgery, dramatically streamlines workflow and radically expands the reach of treatment to cover a wider range of anatomical structures.

“The new technology promises less trauma, faster recovery, shorter hospital stays and fewer surgery-related complications. Also patients can get back to work and normal life faster compared to convalescence with open surgery. For each patient the cost of treatment remains the same as with the old machine – Rs. 75,000 – which is a third of what it would cost in a private hospital,” said Dr. Mahapatra.

Source : The Hindu

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