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What is

GK? This is a singular diagnosis modality section that emits 201 Gamma Ray beams stereotactically as well as precisely to a brain lesion though deleterious surrounding tissue. It was invented by Professor Lars Leksell in 1968 during a Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden.

This is a great healing grant to humanity, as well as is right away during large famous as a most appropriate preference for a diagnosis of most brain diseases. This diagnosis requires a rarely learned as well as competent, together with doctors, nurses, healing physicists as well as technologists.

GK record itself is a vital breakthrough. It maximizes a correctness as well as capability regulating imaging techniques similar to CT, MRI as well as intelligent angiography that capacitate a medicine as well as healing physicist to precisely fix up a lesion as well as afterwards work out a volume as well as strength of deviation needed.

For treatment, a support stereo-tactic is practical to a accurate place of a lesion to be treated. When a event of a focus is complete, a horizon will progressively degenerated, as well as finish diagnosis procession is completed. The diagnosis itself customarily takes thirty mins to 2 hours. After execution of diagnosis procedures, a doctors during a sanatorium will comply a studious for a singular night prior to discharge.

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