Neurosurgery for OCD patients

Psychosurgery is used for the patients of OCD problems and it is only a sub sect of the neurosurgery or surgery for the brain. It is mostly used for patients who do not respond to any other form of treatment and therapy. In olden days, lobotomy was used which has now been replaced with psychosurgery. Lobotomy has been found to damage the brain and there have been cases of memory loss. Psychosurgery disables a part of the brain with the help of electrodes. The area to be disabled is selected with the help of magnetic resonance imaging. Around one third of the patients have reported improvement.
Novel techniques of gamma knife irradiation and the deep brain stimulation have come up as the modern form of neurosurgery. With so much of advancements in the treatments for various illnesses conventional treatments for the OCD has resulted in only temporary relief that too in 20 % of the patients only.

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