In the past, some brain tumors and central nervous system disorders were considered inoperable if they were located deep within the brain or near delicate structures such as the auditory nerve.  Now, with the revolutionary development and introduction of Gamma Knife® stereotactic radiosurgery, these conditions can be effectively reduced and even eliminated without any sutures or scalpels.
What is Gamma Knife®?
Gamma Knife® Perfexion is an advanced medical technology that was designed specifically for use on abnormalities in the brain and cervical spine.  Using 192 intersecting beams of precisely aimed radiation, the Gamma Knife® can target even the most deeply seated or hard-to-reach tumors, arteriovenous malformations, or neurological conditions.  Due to the machine’s unparalleled accuracy compared with other radiation treatments, the abnormalities can be thoroughly irradiated while healthy tissue is spared.  This amazing ability helps to keep any side effects from treatment to a minimum.
How does Gamma Knife® work?
Although the treatment is known as stereotactic radiosurgery, no scalpels are involved in treatment.  Once the tumor or other tissue abnormality is evaluated with MRI or CT scanning, a specialized head frame is placed to ensure precise delivery of radiation to the affected site.  The Gamma Knife® then emits focused beams of cobalt-60 radiation on the abnormal tissue within a 0.15 mm accuracy range.  The dosage and other parameters are carefully adjusted by the Gamma Knife® treatment team to ensure optimal safety and results from the treatment.  In many cases, the radiation can diminish or even eliminate the cancerous or abnormal tissue.
At the Miami Neuroscience Center, our experienced team of multidisciplinary professionals offers the highest quality in Gamma Knife® treatment in a comfortable atmosphere.  If you are interested in learning more about how this technology may be able to benefit you or your loved one, call our helpful staff today at (786) 347-1505—we are happy to answer your questions.

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