Gamma Knife Procedure – Update and Pictures

Sorry this one has taken me so long to post.   I just get swept up in every day activities and never have time to sit down and write the blog as often as I would like.
I had hubby take a pic of me with my sexy Gamma Knife contraption on my head.  Warning, if you look closely enough you can see where they SCREWED the front piece to my skull!  Now many have been shocked to see that I was smiling in the picture.  They do give you an anti-anxiety  medication and then an injection of some other drug to make you a little loopy.  My advice.  Demand they give it to you more than 2 minutes BEFORE your procedure.  I should have had mine at least 30 minutes before but they didn’t have time.  So I was fully aware of what they were doing to my head because the meds didn’t kick in until after they finished.  And I could HEAR them screwing it through my flesh.  So I did what any girl would do….I cried like a baby and started to hyperventilate and then when the nurse told me to slow my breathing so I didn’t pass out, I held it in without even knowing I was doing that and she had to count with me to make sure I was breathing.

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