Optimization of Gamma Knife Radiosurgery

  • Abstract.
  •  The Gamma Knife is a highly specialized treatment unit that pro-
  • vides an advanced stereotactic approach to the treatment of tumorsvascular
  • malformations, and pain disorders within the head. Inside a shielded treatment
  • unit, beams from 201 radioactive sources are focused so that they intersect at
  • the same location in space, resulting in a spherical region of high dose referred
  • to as a shot of radiationThe location and width of the shots can be ad-
  •  justed using focussing helmets. By properly combining a set of shots, larger
  • treatment volumes can be successfully treatewith the Gamma Knife.
  • The goal of this project is to automate the treatment planning process.
  • For each patient, an optimization seeks to produce a dose distribution that
  • conforms closely to the treatment volume. The variables in the optimization
  • can include the number of shots of radiation along with the size, the location,
  • and the weight assigned to each. Formulation of such problems using a variety
  • of mathematical programming models is described, and the solution of several
  • test and real-patient examples is demonstrated

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