Procedure Information

The Gamma Knife Radiosurgery replaces the surgeon's scalpel with a single, high dose of gamma radiation.  Like the surgeon's scalpel, the Gamma Knife eradicates the diseased area with a safe and effective approach.  The patient wears a lightweight head frame that attaches to a helmet, through which 201 beams of Gamma radiation precisely focus at a single target like a lens focuses sunlight.  Only the tissue being treated receives a very strong dose of radiation while the surrounding tissue remains unharmed.
The painless, bloodless procedure is usually performed under local anesthesia with mild sedation.  Although the entire procedure takes several hours, the actual treatment takes just 15 minutes to one hour, depending on the size of the lesion being treated.  If there are multiple tumors or if the tumor spreads to another area, Radiosurgery can be repeated.
Typical Treatment Procedure
Day 1
The day prior to surgery the patient will be admitted by afternoon.  The patient will be clinically evaluated by Neurosurgeon and the procedure will be explained to the patient.  The patient should not eat or drink after 10 P.M.
Day 2
On the morning of the surgery, the patient will be attended to by the Gamma Knife nursing staff for surgery.  The nurse will assess the patient, place an intravenous line and escort the patient to the Gamma knife Centre.  At the Centre the patient will meet the neurosurgeon, and other members of the Gamma Knife team.
Day 3
The patient will be examined by the doctors.  Final instructions regarding the follow-up will be given by the Neurosurgeon incharge and the patient will be discharged from the hospital.

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